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How to Make a Room Look Bigger

With house prices skyrocketing due to to an increase in demand yet shortage of houses, many people shift towards buying smaller houses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximise the space. There are endless opportunities to make your rooms look bigger without having to fork out loads.

Flooring is an essential part of your home and an important factor to consider. Take a look at our flooring and decorating tips to help make your room look bigger and stand out at the same time!

Wood or Laminate flooring

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Wood flooring is becoming a trend. This attractive and modern type of flooring can make a room look larger. Wide plank styles will trick the eye into seeing more of an open space. You can also lay boards so that they run parallel to the longest wall in the room, lengthening the overall appearance.

Laminate boards can be laid diagonally, this fools the eye into seeing the flooring in a different pattern, so in a different perspective elongating a room.

Paint the walls with warm colours, this will cause the eye to travel up, making the ceiling seem higher than it actually is.



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Install large tiles, larger tiles create the illusion of space, and look beautiful at the same time. They make the room seem bigger because there are larger portions of space when grout lines are interrupted.

However small tiles can also create an illusion of more space, this is because very thin lines can minimise the interruption in the tile pattern, making the floor tiles stand out. Karndean is a luxury vinyl tile and a great product for those of you who have busy lifestyles, this is due to its easy to clean nature – a modern and practical choice.

Vinyl Flooring


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Vinyl is an attractive and practical flooring choice. It is slip resistant and provides a warmer touch under the foot than ceramic tile or stone flooring.

Vinyl is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms due to being so easy to clean and moisture resistant. A bonus on top of making your room look bigger!

So we have discussed the types of flooring you can have installed to make a small room look bigger, but what else can you do? We’ve listed a few options below:

Paint or wallpaper the ceiling

Painting or wallpapering a ceiling will make the room seem taller.

Make use of hidden storage


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Ottomans and furniture that opens up such as sofas, are great places for putting things in, instead of having items scattered around rooms.

Invest in a hanging mirror


Hanging mirrors always come in handy, and because they are hanging – they don’t take up any space!

For different types of flooring contact us here at ST Flooring and a member of the team will be happy to assist.