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Choosing the right rug at an affordable price can often be a tough decision. Nevertheless, our wide range and expert advice will help you make an informed choice. Our variety comes in a large range of colours and we will certainly have something in our showroom suited to the tastes of all customers. Our accessible and friendly showroom covers the Corby and Kettering areas and is always suited to the need of the customer.

Rugs provide actual heat insulation. In colder weather or more specifically seasons, it will hold in warm air longer. They also provides a relaxing area to sit on, study and for general play.

Also covering Kettering

The reason why people go for them instead of flooring is often because they are a lot warmer underfoot Thus, it's easier to walk on; it stops slippage (unlike wooden flooring) and it is also more cost effective than laminate wood flooring. If we do not have the product in our showroom we will be often be order it in for you within 2 working days.

If you are looking to purchase new product for your home in the Corby and Kettering area then you need to look no further than our showroom. We guarantee that if you call us on 01536 712573 we will be able to give your enquiry the attention it deserves. Our website also offers an extensive range of rugs so you peruse from the comfort of your own home. We also endeavour to provide a polite and professional service to all customers.

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